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At IXG Crafts, we customize home decor, wedding gifts, employee gifts, and closing baskets, each meticulously crafted to bring a personal touch to every special occasion. Through our work, we aim to help celebrate and commemorate life's most cherished moments with thoughtful and unique creations.

Eternal Remembrance Keepsakes
#MemorialPlaques #RememberingLovedOnes #ForeverInOurHearts #PersonalizedMemorials #HonoringMemories
was $65.00
Save 27%
12x5 Acacia Wood Drop Tray
was $27.00
Save 19%
Mom Elevated Night Light
was $49.95
Save 30%
To My Husband LED Display
LED Display
was $49.95
Save 30%
Charcuterie Boards
15.81" x 8.69" x 0.56 Acacia cutting board
was $40.00
Save 25%
Charcuterie Board set with 4 cheese knives
16.25" x 12" Marble and Acacia Charcuterie Board
Acacia Wood and Marble Serving Board
Marble and Acacia 15" cutting boards
Marble and Acacia Cheese board with utensils
15.5" x 9" x 0.5" board with 4 cheese utensils
Modern Living Realtor Closing Basket
15" Cutting Board, 4 coasters, Engravable bottle Opener
was $95.00
Save 11%
Custom 8oz Hip Flask
Custom 8oz Hip Flask
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