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 Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact us to find out how we can help today.

Motorcycle Club


Our custom shop offers a wide range of services catering to all your needs. Whether you're looking for a complete bike overhaul or small modifications, we have the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results.

Making Boomerang


Our arts and crafts services include wood engraving, t-shirt printing, vinyl cutting, acrylic cutting, and laser engraving. We specialize in customizing gifts for weddings, housewarming, and other special occasions. Our crafts will surely put a smile on your special someone's face.



IXG Properties offers an extensive residential, commercial, and investment property portfolio. From cozy apartments and family homes to prime commercial spaces and lucrative investment opportunities. We curate diverse options for your specific preferences and objectives. We meticulously evaluate each property to ensure it meets our high-quality standards, location, and potential for growth.

Suburb Neighborhood
Stock Market Data


At IXG Investments, we understand that navigating the complex landscape of investments can be daunting. We have assembled a team of seasoned professionals who deeply understand global markets, industry trends, and economic dynamics. With their expertise and insights, we offer a robust suite of investment services designed to meet our diverse needs and objectives.


IXG Enterprises is a dynamic and innovative enterprise solutions provider dedicated to accelerating the growth and success of businesses like yours. We understand enterprises' unique challenges and opportunities in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape. We offer comprehensive solutions to drive efficiency, enhance competitiveness, and foster sustainable growth.

Zooming Camera


IXG Images, where we specialize in capturing and preserving life's precious moments as timeless memories. We are a passionate team of photographers and videographers dedicated to delivering exceptional photography/videography services that exceed your expectations. With our artistic vision, technical expertise, and personalized approach, we transform ordinary moments into extraordinary works of art.

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